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Over the many meetings from town councils to township boards we have accumulated a variety of documents covering a host of topics. This list serves as a resource but is not meant to be all inclusive. You will find maps, suggestions, presentations, resolutions, and more. Click the title to open the document as a PDF file. Note some files are very large and may take some time to download to your PC.

  1. “Final” Plan revised in June 2010  approved by both Greenwood & White River Township
    1. This is the one that is planned to appear on the November 2010 ballot
  2. Reorganization Proposal (approved by both Greenwood and White River Township)
  3. Letter from Bargersville
  4. Trustee Merger Study Plan Forum, Dec. 15, 2009
  5. Reorganization Plan
  6. Public Forum Presentation
  7. Forum Hall Posters
  8. Consolidated Committee Recommendations 10-19-2009
  9. Subcommittee Recommendations Concerning Services 10-19-2009
  10. Comparison of the “new” Greenwood tax rates and population 10-19-2009
  11. Estimated tax rates for the reorganized community – Presented Oct. 5, 2009
  12. Expense estimates of the reorganized community
  13. Draft Plan of Reorganization for Greenwood Common Council & White River Township Board
  14. Consolidated Committee Recommendations Concerning Governance
  15. Consolidated Committee Recommendations Concerning Financial
  16. Consolidated recommendations concerning Community Services
  17. Consolidated Transition Plan for all Subcommittees
  18. Reorganization map defining “urban” and “rural” areas
    1. Note: this map assumes the Bargersville annexation of SW White River Township will not occur
  19. Indiana Commission on Local Government Reform
    1. aka “We have to stop governing like this”
  20. Resolution revising the charge of the reorganization committee to consider an option that excludes the southern portion of the township.
    1. Also passed by Greenwood Common Council
  21. Options for the “new” Greenwood Government.
    1. This document was produced by governance subcommittee chair Don Hanlin it outlines the major options for a new city government under the reorganization statute.
  22. Bargersville map of the “voluntary” annexation area of southwestern White River Township.
    1. This map is virtually identical to the final annexation area adopted by the town council in August.
  23. Greenwood resolution authorizing reorganization study
    1. Also adopted by the White River Township board. This is where it all started.
  24. Bargersville reorganization proposal.
    1. Rejected by the White River Township Board


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  1. ED WOODS December 4, 2009 at 10:47 am

    Your item # 14 (THE MAP). That alone spells the mindset of the committee. They don’t listen (to the important people), residents of WRT.

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