New board makes good on campaign promise

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As their first official act the new White River Township Board voted to reject the plan of reorganization with Greenwood in a move to overturn the previous board’s move to put the issue on the ballot. In June of last year the old board agreed to accept the reorganization plan between White River Township and Greenwood and put the issue before the voters in an upcoming election. The first plan was the May 2o10 primary, then the November 2010 general election. When the county election board ruled the paper work was not filed in time the earliest the issue could appear on the ballot is November 2012.

What action did board take? We have two videos to explain it. The first is the short version, prompted by a question from resident Dick Huber. We also have included a longer version with the reading of the resolution and vote.

The board also did some housekeeping including, moving some money from one area to another to allow the township to keep the two part-time assistants on the payroll. It also approve the salary for the trustee and board members at the same level as 2010. We will have more details on those actions later.

Near the end of the meeting, new board chair Greg Rainbolt had some thoughts on the future of the township and the need to examine all the options, including the idea of creating a new town of Center Grove. His comments can be seen here.



  1. […] The board recognized that the group had missed the filing deadline in 2010, when the plan was at least somewhat accurate. Now, two years later, there are many items in the proposal that are either very inaccurate or impossible to implement, such as Greenwood starting to provide services in 2011. Another factor in the board’s decision was the resolution passed by the White River Township Board. This was the WRT Board’s first action and it called for the repeal of the reorganization plan. You can get the details on the WRT vote, with video, here. […]

  2. […] The board recognized that the group had missed the filing deadline in 2010, when the plan was at least somewhat accurate. Now, two years later, there are many items in the proposal that are either very inaccurate or impossible to implement, such as Greenwood starting to provide services in 2011. Another factor in the board’s decision was the resolution passed by the White River Township Board. This was the WRT Board’s first action and it called for the repeal of the reorganization plan. You can get the details on the WRT vote, with video, here. […]

  3. Brian March 25, 2011 at 3:10 pm

    I certainly think an apology is due at the very least…

  4. MARK DEVOE March 25, 2011 at 2:30 pm

    Thanks for the information Ken. Certainly sounds like intimidation to me. With the school’s budget problem, elimination of the school police force sure seems to make sense.

  5. Ken Baker March 25, 2011 at 1:14 pm

    I read about it in the Daily Journal under the Hearts and Darts column. Dr. Huber sent a dart to the CG Police department for sending an officer to his home after questioning the school budget for the police department.
    Any intention of the police department to ‘show’ Dr. Huber where dollars are spent etc could be accomplished within an e-mail or a phone call, but to send an officer to the house is INTIMIDATION. It appears this police chief is given free rein to enforce or do what ever he desires. That needs to change.
    With the stacked up charges of forgery the police chief has brought further embarrassment to our community and given another data point for the school to take charge of this situation and fire the chief and reduce the staff of officers.
    I would only ask the school board to give the Starbucks on 135 30 days notice of the police staff reduction so they won’t be expecting the department for their weekly Monday morning meeting at the Starbucks. 🙂

  6. Joe March 23, 2011 at 10:27 am

    Here’s another example of where those tax dollars are going from today’s Daily Journal

    A Center Grove area woman tried to excuse her son’s frequent absences from Center Grove Middle School North by turning in fake doctor’s notes, according to police.

    The Johnson County Prosecutor’s Office has charged Heather R. Spaw, 5009 Mount Pleasant Drive North, with compulsory school attendance violation. Spaw faces a misdemeanor charge that can carry up to six months in jail because she failed to ensure that her son attended school on more than 20 days this school year.

    She had tried to excuse her son for 21 days of absence with doctors’ notes that were discovered to be forged, Center Grove schools Police Chief William Spitler said. She turned in 16 forged notes, some of which covered more than one day, he said.


    Center Grove police arrested her Monday on 16 felony charges of forgery. She was taken to the Johnson County jail, where she initially was held on $128,000 bond.

    Johnson County Prosecutor Brad Cooper said the charges Spaw was arrested on were excessive and that a judge would not grant a bond that high for an arsonist who injured someone in a fire, let alone someone who turned in fake notes to a school.

    “By statute, burglars, rapists and arsonists would not be sitting in jail with a bond that high,” he said. “While we’re charging her with a crime, it has to be put into context. You can’t stack felonies for a case where someone basically violated a school policy so they have a higher bond than a burglar who broke into a home with a deadly weapon. That’s just ludicrous.”

    The 16 felony charges Spaw originally was arrested for could have landed her in prison for 128 years, if she was convicted, Cooper said. The preliminary charges police arrested her on were disproportionate to the crime, he said.

    Spitler said he had not talked to the prosecutor’s office. He said he had reviewed the law and determined that she committed the felony of forgery 16 times, since she turned in 16 notes with falsified signatures.

    Cooper said his staff determined that a misdemeanor charge of compulsory school attendance violation was all she could be charged with under state law. She could not face Class C felony charges of forgery because she did not intend to defraud anyone for financial gain, he said.

    He said that he encourages all police agencies to contact his office if they have any questions about what charges suspects should be arrested on to prevent such mix-ups. Officers and detectives frequently call him and deputy prosecutors with questions.

    Police should always call the prosecutor’s office for legal advice when dealing with unusual situations they haven’t encountered before, Cooper said.

    The prosecutor’s office notified the jail about the change in the charges Tuesday morning, so Spaw’s bond would be reduced from $128,000 to $1,000. She was released from the jail on $1,000 bond.

    That’s some good policing right there.

  7. Brian March 22, 2011 at 9:14 pm

    Just heard from our distinguished CG resident that the officer was “willing” to show Dr. Huber exactly where all of our tax dollars are going, obviously referring to his public questioning of the School Corporation’s expense of it’s own $600,000 wasteful program.

  8. MARK DEVOE March 22, 2011 at 6:32 pm

    Need to know more about what occurred. Usually something like this would generate some comment in the Daily Journal but have seen nothing. Can’t imagine Dr. Huber doing anything that would warrant such action, so would like to get some verification that this intimidation occurred. Don’t want to jump to a conclusion without more info. Have the brothers Veldcamp heard anything???

  9. Brian March 22, 2011 at 5:12 pm

    Paging Dr. Huber… 🙂

    I didn’t hear about this, Ken. What was the rationale? Dr. Huber is a very well respected member of Center Grove… (hell of a guy too).

  10. Ken Baker March 22, 2011 at 10:38 am

    I was very disappointed to hear the Center Grove Police Department sent an officer to Dr. Huber’s home.
    This type of police mentality of entitlement and intimidation is far too often being demonstrated by local law enforcement (i.e. Greenwood Police Dept raiding meeting at Center Grove H.S. ignoring supenias to appear for hearings, etc) is there any wonder this unsupervised police malitia at CG Schools does the same thing.
    The police chief at CG should be fired for this intimidating act by his department.

  11. Pam Schmidt February 24, 2011 at 9:23 am

    Thank Goodness! Dick Huber and Carol Tumey FINALLY pointed out at Tuesday’s School Board Meeting that there is still “fat in the [CGSS] budget” and bringing this to the forefront. The Safety & Security Department (aka Center Grove Police Department) costs our taxpayers over $230,000 a year. This resident thinks we can do without….we did up until 2008.
    Who among us gets paid for working 10 months when our target audience is only in session 6 months? Apparently, the Mr. Spitler and company do.
    I have contended since last May, and made my concerns known to Asst. Superintendent Long, that the strong-handed approach that CGPD is taking with our students is further dividing the school corporation rather than uniting it. They certainly have driven up the cost of a student driving to school, insuring his vehicle, and managing the speed zones around the school. Certainly, the cost for supporting Center Grove’s own PD (instead of using local police departments) far out weight their added value to the Districe.
    Mrs. Tumey and company, I can do without any CGPD at all. Thanks!

  12. Forrest January 5, 2011 at 2:29 pm

    Given that the current White River Township property tax rate is zero, it appears we are finally getting what we are paying for….

  13. Bill Heller January 5, 2011 at 11:22 am

    So, the Advisory Board that has no power or legal authority to reign in reckless spending by an out of control former Trustee (Jay Marks) has the power to DENY me the right to vote on the reorg plan? This is comletely insane, and is all the reason needed to eliminate this useless body of government. A pox on the houses of those Board members who’s “superior judgement” can replace that of all the voters of WRT’s unincorporated area….a mere 40,000 or so.

  14. Joe January 5, 2011 at 9:36 am

    I still fail to understand why on earth they wasted time with the merger. If the old board did what was necessary to put it on the ballot in 2012, let it go there and die. If they did not, just don’t take further action and let it die.

    The perceived “need” to “do something” to prevent it from dying at the ballot box is just silly.

    The other way to take Greg Rainbold’s comments is “we’re not going to do anything as your board of elected representatives.” While they wait for the community to “come together”, which will NEVER happen, the commercial base of the township will be picked clean and the residential area will be let to start to deteriorate.

    And I know what some folks reading saying – you’re happy with your county services. Just recognize that you are going to get less & less services as the impact of property tax cuts continues to be felt, and recognize that you are leaving the value of your home in the hands of Greenwood and Bargersville.

  15. Brian January 4, 2011 at 11:30 pm

    Mr. Rainbold’s closing comments seem very straight forward, and I agree with the notion that if we do nothing, outside annexation certainly will be immanent…

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