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Citizens for Center GroveA group of White River Township residents has organized to form the Town of Center Grove. Many times during the Greenwood/White River Township reorganization effort the question was raised “Why are you not investigating idea of creating a new town?”  (See video of question here) The simply answer is, state law requires that incorporation efforts be “citizen led.” The Township Board and the Greenwood Common Council did not have the authority to conduct such a study.

Shortly after the reorganization fell to the wayside a small group came together to officially form Citizens for Center Grove. The organization is a registered non-profit with the state and a 501(c)4 according to the IRS.

The first step was to conduct an initial feasibility study. Considering the available population, the number of road miles, and with the goal of creating a low cost government, it was determined that it was feasible to form a town. Furthermore, based on nothing but the current assessed value of the properties within the defined boarder, this town could operate at a tax rate lower than either Greenwood or Bargersville.

Late last year more volunteers joined the effort and formed four committees: Governance, Infrastructure, Resource Management, and Community Services. Details are on their website.

Early this year the group began working with graduate students from the Indiana University School of Public and Environmental Affairs (see IU Daily Student story here). Since the beginning of January, the students have collected a significant amount of data for the submission. The work of the students will be complete by mid-April and the report will be ready to submit to the County Commissioners by mid-year. If the submission is acceptable to the County Commissioners and other meets other requirements, the Town of Center Grove could be a reality by the end of this year.

The final cost is still unknown, but the group expects it could cost as much as $100,000 to bring the town into existence. The funds will be spent on items such as conducting a survey of the town borders, counting the residents, legal fees, certified mailings to every affected household and general and administrative expense. No one is paid for his or her efforts; this is being accomplished strictly through volunteer labor.

You can follow the progress of Citizens for Center Grove in a number of ways. You can check out their website:,  or follow them on or Twitter @Citizens4CG. The website also allows you to sign up for their email newsletter or become a member of C4CG. There is not cost to join, however board member Ryan Rhoten says, “It’s a great way to show support for the future of our community.”


  1. Dann Veldkamp May 28, 2012 at 6:36 pm

    I am one of those “behind this stupid idea of Center Grove becoming a town.” You are right, had we incorporated many years ago, the SR135 business might have been part of the town. But, that didn’t happen. Now we have to work within the constraints of what we have.

    “Do you honestly think that they are going to give it back?” No. This is not an assumption of the budget calculations of Citizens for Center Grove.

    I urge you to look at the website There you will see there is no mention of wanting “all of the things that Carmel and everywhere else has.”

    You say “LEAVE US ALONE!!!!” I say, we are all neighbors in the unincorporated community of Center Grove. I am part of the “US.”

  2. Sandra Andrews May 28, 2012 at 5:56 pm

    Who ever is behind this stupid idea of Center Grove becoming a town needs to stop. I have noticed that nobody on my side of Smith Valley has asked any of us how we think or feel about it. Well, here it is. This bullcrap of incorporating “Center Grove” isn’t going to happen. All of our tax base has been given to Greenwood years ago. Do you honestly think that they are going to give it back? If you do, you’ve got bigger problems. If you want all of the things that Carmel and everywhere else has, then move back to where you came from because there is nothing wrong with Smith Valley the way that it is!! LEAVE US ALONE!!!!

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