Board questions merger bill

When White River Township entered into a reorganization study with Greenwood the Indiana statute required that the expenses be divided based on each areas population. Now the bill has arrived and the WRT Board has questions. Greenwood submitted a number … Continue reading

And the Chairman stands alone

It appears that the only official who continues to support putting the reorganization proposal on the November 2012 ballot is study Chairman Pat Sherman. As quoted in Saturday’s Daily Journal, Sherman said “We wouldn’t want to see something that so … Continue reading

New board makes good on campaign promise

As their first official act the new White River Township Board voted to reject the plan of reorganization with Greenwood in a move to overturn the previous board’s move to put the issue on the ballot. In June of last … Continue reading


Monday’s White River Township WRT Board meeting was a play in three acts, Township Government Must Die!. The first act was a farce. The second act a comedy. The third act a tragedy. The actors were Board Chair Mark Messick, … Continue reading

White River Board “Non-Meeting” Video

If you want to understand Indiana township government you have to watch this three minute and some seconds video. It is a little slow going but nothing is a better example of what the 2007 “Shepard-Kernan” report on local government … Continue reading